Something To Think About


​Have you ever consulted a coach for sports, business or hobbies?  You can get coaching for your golf swing, fly fishing, business techniques, drug/alcohol issues, lifting weights and even yoga. Answers to real life sex questions, concerns and positive resources are more limited. We are left to search for answers in popular magazine articles or try to recall what we were taught in high school health.  Consulting with The Sexual Wellness Coach is something that can be beneficial to not only your sexual experiences, but your overall health as well.

What does it mean?


​Many are unclear on the differences between a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a coach and a therapist. Throw a sexual specialty into the mix and it's can become difficult to navigate the different terminologies that sexuality professionals use for their jobs.  Sexologist, sex therapist, sexual health coach, sex educator are just a few of the many terms that get used by people of varying educational and professional backgrounds who make a living talking, teaching and counseling about human sexuality.

Sexual Health & Wellness Coach


A sexual health coach is someone who is working with and helping individuals (and couples on occasion) to work through questions or concerns in their relationships, changes in recent sexual activities and balance in their sex life. The term sex coach describes a combination of sexual education, sexual health background and personal life coaching.  Many people seek answers or need some level of assistance and education with sexual health and wellness at some point throughout life.  As The Sexual Wellness Coach, I provide an open and positive atmosphere focusing on promoting overall sexual health as being connected to our overall general health, self-acceptance and overall happiness.

What is Sexual Health and Wellness Coaching?