Enjoy Sex Again

Focus on sensation and pleasure along with learning to be intimate without sex. Rediscover sexuality, sensuality & health.

​​"Our sexual health is just as important as our physical health"

Jamie Checketts

With over 12 years in the sexual health field, Jamie is bringing knowledge, understanding, empowerment and education to clients through individual coaching sessions for sexual health and wellness at the Circle of Life Women's Center.

Low Sex Drive 

The #1 frustration among women is decreased libido or no desire.  If you have low sex drive, you can gain a better understanding of general health through Sexual Wellness Coaching.

Spice It Up

It's natural to feel less-than-excited about sex sometimes. Sexual Wellness Coaching can help to increase your sex drive naturally.

"Live life to the fullest, love the people you're around and show positive energy in everything you do!" -Jamie

Sexual Health and Wellness Coach

Take Charge

Together we can develop a plan to reignite the passion and desire and ultimately take charge in the bedroom, in relationships or gain a healthy understanding of personal sexual experiences.